You can contact the Band in any of these ways.

1. Phone Miles on 07714 721263

2. Phone Martin on 07834 521557

4. Or complete this form and click send.

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What you need to know…

The Curious LITTLE big Band will get the party started from the get-go. Eclectic, theatrical and entirely unforgettable, the Band brings a diverse and crowd-winning playlist to get absolutely everybody on the dance floor. Generally, the Band performs two sets later in the evening often following the wedding breakfast/reception, dinner, buffet, auction, raffle, speeches, etc. Some adjustment to timings can be made on the night if, say, a longer break or no break would be beneficial to the party atmosphere.

For weddings, you do not need a DJ. We provide recorded music shortly after our sound engineer has the basic equipment setup. We play recorded music in the break and after we have finished. The recorded music can be from our MP3 device or from one you have setup yourself. Please note, we provide recorded music with no extra charge. There is no discount for not having recorded music. The Band arrives with its own sound equipment, sound engineer and lighting. You don’t need to worry about technical details with The Curious LITTLE big Band, as the Band provides the full show under one roof.

Our show is far more interactive than you might expect. It demands more audience participation from the guests whether it’s wearing costumes, hats and props to dancing, singing and even acting out the story in the song (e.g. Delilah – Tom Jones).

See below some typical timings for late evening parties. This is a rough guide and is not set in stone.

19:45 – Sound engineer begins setup
20:15 – Recorded music available if required
21:30 – First Set
22:15 – Break
22:30 – Second Set
23:15 – Finish. Packing up begins. Recorded music if required.


Please consider the Band in your food and drink plans. Members of the Band could be away from home from 4pm to 2am for a typical Saturday evening gig. If you are providing food then please consider adding the Band to your numbers. We prefer to eat during the break or after we have finished the show.

A supply of drinks would be desirable including beer, water, soft drinks, tea & coffee. Please note we are a 7 piece band with a sound engineer and a stage manager/front of house manager (9 people).