The Curious LITTLE big Band took on the might of the England World Cup team at the Kings Head in Cirencester and won!

“A TOUCH of magic, a swivel of the hips, an embrace of Strictly and a few alter egos… it must be a night with The Curious Little Big Band, one of the best (the only) theatrical music bands around.

It’s Friday night music at The Kings Head Cirencester.

The evening kicked off with singer guitarist Leon Daye playing a range of music including original works, a variety of traditional folk and more contemporary artists.

Leon sings with a powerful voice and together with his crisp guitar playing kept the audience entertained. Take a listen to his new EP Bird on a Wire.
When the Curious Little Big Band came on stage to a rousing version of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, singer and guitarist Miles Guerrini soon got the audience up and dancing.

By the time Love is in the Air played Miles was giving the audience the opportunity to sing, starting with Leon Daye with a few audience members showing they had pretty good voices!

Make no mistake they are a big band with great musical skill including a brass section, drums, bass, guitar and keyboard. Throughout the set most of the band get to show off their singing skills including the former head of Music at Cirencester Kingshill School rapping in a hoodie and dark glasses. If only his former pupils could see him now!
The band features the two Guerrini brothers, father and son the Blackallers, Andy Hughes on Drums, Martin Milnes on sax, Claire Mitchell on trumpet. Other members include another Blackaller, Rosie, who also sings and plays piano in her own right.

The audience play an important part of the show and were giving it plenty on the dance floor with singer Miles even giving Strictly style dance lesson on how to perform the Charleston.

The band plays classic songs that you definitely know the words to with audiences either singing along, dancing or both.

The Curious Little Big Band provide both great music and entertainment… Who could forget seeing Miles doing an Elvis impersonation wearing a cow pattern outfit!

It was great night at the Kings Head Cellar Lounge that had to compete with England’s opening game of the Rugby World Cup. A string broke on a guitar resulting in an impromptu break; I think to catch up on the England result on the TV’s in the bar upstairs.

There are some great acts coming up with Earl, followed by the Elles Bailey Band, playing great rock music on October 2. Another date for the diary is October 30 when the George Montague Band take to the stage.

The Cellars rocked on Friday night, while future bands and acoustic acts will provide great entertainment at the Kings Head during the winter.”

REVIEW by Eric Hobson: The Curious Little Big Band took on the might of the England World Cup team at the Kings Head in Cirencester and won!
Miles Guerrini
Miles Guerrini