Content Management Systems

  • We provide various flexible options to allow you to update your site easily and whenever you require and best of all – web programming knowledge is NOT required! We have a variety of content management system (CMS) solutions in different shapes and sizes and will always provide you with the best one to suit your needs. Our favourite open source solutions are Drupal, WordPress & Joomla plus many others.
  • We are able to provide a range of ‘off the shelf’ and bespoke solutions to suit a range of needs from the most basic to enable you to simply update website text, links and images, news items or events calendars through to comprehensive CMS serving multi user access and allowing the user to build and develop the website navigation as well as maintain a large amount of feature rich content.
  • If an off the shelf CMS does not fit your requirements, or you need to be able to update more advanced data types than standard CMS supports, we are able to develop completely bespoke CMS facilities for your website.

News Pages and Events Calendars

  • For websites that only contain static content, we always recommend the inclusion of a news or events page which can be updated by yourself using a simple online form. The news page allows for some flexibility so if you need to you can add some new or interesting information to your website, and it keeps the website fresh so search engines remain interested in your site.

Bespoke Application Programming

  • We can help if you have a very specialist need or specific requirement for a bespoke piece of software. Whether it is a specialist system to transfer documents and information securely over the internet, integrate with third party computer systems to book or order products and services automatically, monitor stock, book services or purchase customisable products, Websites Designed is able to develop a bespoke solution to your problem.
  • Database Systems can help a you organise and simplify many of the tasks that exist in the day to day running of your website. It is often the case that off-the-shelf CMS software will not fully satisfy the requirements for data handling. Such requirements include holding details of items for sale, purchases through your website, real estate or organised data storage.
  • Many of the websites we design contain a database driven element and if we think that developing a database system for your website would be an effective solution to your requirements, we will suggest this to you during our consultations.

Ecommerce Solutions

  • We are able to setup and design online ecommerce stores with open source or commercial ecommerce software such as Magento, for a range of products and functions whether it is an entry level system for new businesses selling online or a fully tailored ecommerce solution. All of my ecommerce solutions come with content management systems to enable you to update your site yourself, are feature rich, scalable, user friendly and cost effective. For more advanced stores, we are able to implement solutions which integrate with your accounting, back office and order management systems. We can design your ecommerce solution so it matches your current branding.
  • We are able to integrate online payment gateways into any website for both individual/bespoke payments or ecommerce systems.